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    Henan Kedian Electrical Automation Co., Ltd. is an approved by the State Ministry of machinery, the Ministry registered R & D, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Mainly engaged in industrial automation control system, sludge dewatering equipment, sewage treatment equipment maintenance and technical services, maintenance, maintenance PLC, frequency converter, harmonic control, electrical equipment maintenance and technical services; power facilities installation, test, repair and maintenance operations; environmental engineering; research and development, production and sales of instruments mine; equipment, electromechanical equipment, hardware, building materials sales. The company has a more than 20 person R & D team, with a strong R & D strength, in close cooperation with the domestic well-known universities, research institutes, Department's goal is to establish a highly personalized and flexible digital products and service mode of production, create considerable economic benefits for the enterprise, to achieve energy saving and downsizing play a significant role.

      The development of the company project from 2010 began to take shape, and strive to achieve the ideal integrated automation and constantly struggle, the engineering department in the rigorous, realistic, innovation, and professional development purposes to provide customers with quality philosophy, has always been committed to automation control, enterprise lean system, PLC, inverter repair and maintenance. Practical solutions for harmonic control and other areas to provide complete and.

      In recent years, the company has provided all kinds of automation and information products and services for domestic industrial users, and has made successful cooperation in various industries, such as communication, sewage, hospitals, municipal administration, metallurgy, material transportation, environmental protection, power generation and so on, which has been widely recognized and supported by the industry.

     The Future Ltd will be hard, create the future with strength, the development of a more efficient and intelligent automation system, promote the scientific and modernized management system, and create a first-class enterprise in the world.

  河南省科電電氣自動化有限公司  版權所有  備案號:豫ICP備13008443號-1